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Which BlackLine Product to Buy First?

Once you have decided to invest in BlackLine, the next item to consider is what modules or product suites you’ll need to invest and implement first. Your decision to purchase which products is best when you engage key stakeholders on what they believe would yield the best benefits to the organization first.

You may decide you want all of them but the question remains: Which module do you implement first? Every module you are interested will not have the same level of priority and budget requirements.

To tackle this question, consider factors such as volume of reconciliations, zero balance accounts, volume of transaction matching, what has worked best for your peers, etc. A comprehensive view of these key factors while making this determination will give you a strategic advantage to get the most of the initial implementation and enhance the visibility with top management by various means such as faster close, reduced effort on matching, more prompt turnaround of adjustment entries etc. Then it is up to you how to share your success story with your colleagues and top management. Below is a sample set of questions we’ve seen other clients leverage when making a BlackLine product decision:

The above priority summary is something that the Board of Directors and Executives can see what the “users” feel and what method they are measuring their success. In this case the measurement is the reduction of days it takes to complete parts of the close process. In this example, journals seemed to be more important than implementing tasks, which could be driven by the reduction of manual days it takes them to create, prepare and approval journals. Other teams will think differently when it comes to their priorities and outcomes they want to achieve with BlackLine.

To help you arrive at an answer of “which” module to buy and implement first and allocate your resources to high priority areas we here at Aviva Spectrum have put together a very short video to quickly introduce you to what all to consider to find your best Implementation Partner. Have a look here.

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