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How to Select a BlackLine Implementation Partner?

Selecting your BlackLine Implementation Partner 

Now that you are considering implementation of BlackLine, you can sit back and relax…wait not so fast. Did you know Blackline works with its network of “Certified” implementation partners? Gartner and others have proven that working with an implementation consultant improves your odds of a successful implementation. Over 20% of projects fail (from Gartner study) with the root cause being not having the right implementation consulting firm by your side.

The decision making to choose BlackLine needs to be accompanied by your selection of an Implementation Partner. Of course you can implement it yourself with in house resources but before you make that decision you want to consider which individuals to select or if you determine to outsource the implementation then how do you select an implementation partner from so many great firms and individuals who are BlackLine’s partner in this process.

No two firms and professionals are same, and your experience of implementation as well as the post implementation is going to be influenced by your choice of implementation partner. It is a key decision that will certainly impact your long-term ROI and actual utilization of the various modules of BlackLine.

In my multiple conversation with various existing BlackLine user community professionals I have come across a high percentage of organizations that have invested in purchasing license of multiple modules of BlackLine but over the number of years of use they are still using just a couple of the modules. It’s strange that a system that is cloud based and seamless across its various modules is not utilized to its optimum; won’t you agree that this is not the best strategy of optimum ROI on any investment.

If you are a strategic decision maker and a foresighted person with a vision of the future for your accounting team, you would want a partner that can take your vision and implement it on a roadmap to accomplish it.

A great (not good) partner would consider various factors in your organization that influence your close process, consider the opportunities to enhancing your process with use of BlackLine, understand your reporting needs, your projected growth, staffing etc. and customize your BlackLine set up.

We here at Aviva Spectrum have put together a very short video to quickly introduce you to what all to consider to find your best Implementation Partner. Have a look here.

BlackLine- has been effectively transforming the accounting close process for over a decade!

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