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How Long is BlackLine Implementation?

Like any other system implementation, BlackLine requires a full cycle of system deployment activities. These include planning, implementation, testing, training and final close out procedures. Your decision on “when” you move forward on your implementation will be dependent on your budget, timing of other priorities, and your available resources. 

Some questions to ask before you start your timeline should include:

  1. Do you have in-house resources to dedicate for your BlackLine implementation project?
  2. What does your current department calendar look like?
  3. If you plan to use third party certified implementation partner, then what would a low and high estimate look like?
  4. What level of BlackLine implementation are you trying to achieve, such as “turn the lights on” or “full integration and advanced automation”?

We realize the importance of this implementation decision is critical to successful budget and time estimates and final “Go Live”. To help you arrive at an answer of “when” to implement and how to budget your “resources” and “implementation time”. Aviva Spectrum has put together this video explaining how to select your best implementation partner (located here).


BlackLine has been effectively transforming the accounting close process for over a decade!

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