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The Future of Cannabis Banking

In this quick TV interview, CEO of Aviva Spectrum, Sonia Luna, offers insights into why cannabis companies have limited access to banking. She discusses how cash transactions affect taxes, cryptocurrency, and the long-term solution to help cannabis companies. Currently, there are only a few providers that have an alternative to banking, such as eXpo founded by Larry Lipman, and Payqwick., founded by Keith Marks, and Ken Berke.

According to FinCen, a government banking watchdog, in its “Marijuana Banking Update” report, during the fourth quarter of 2017, less than 400 banking institutions are actually dealing in the cannabis industry right now of an approximately 12,000 registered banking institutions in the U.S. Sonia Luna, CEO of Aviva Spectrum and leading cannabis advisor shares in this TV interview some solutions such as money orders you can get from the US postal service or accessing private lending vehicles.

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