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Tackling Growth: Real Stories of Success

In this Interview with CFO of Zendesk, Elena Gomez, we focus on growth organizations. We cover some key concepts, including strategies for top employee retention, dealing with in-flux operations, a shift in the accounting function, and advice for growth situations. We will also tackle how to hire the best BlackLine Implementation Consultants.

About Elena Gomez

With an unparalleled knowledge of the SaaS  business model and proven ability to build teams and partner with business leaders,  Elena has been inviable to Zendesk as the company CFO. Prior to joining  Zendesk, Elena spent 6  years at SalesForce, where she helped build a world-class finance department.  

Throughout her two-decade career in finance at Fortune 500 companies, including Visa and Charles Schwab, Elena has built a track record of strategic financial leadership.   

Elena holds a Bachelor of Science in  Business  Administration from the  University of California, Haas School of Business, and is a National Board Member of the non-profit, Spark.