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ROI Implementing BlackLine

If you landed on this page you are likely an Accountant, Controller or CFO and are familiar with BlackLine BUT don’t know if it’s worth the time and money. After all, accountants are very numbers driven, and we like to know with certainty there’s a positive ROI. But wait! What’s the BEST WAY to calculate BlackLine’s ROI?


Your first step in the due diligence process you’ll find that BlackLine’s unified cloud platform has been around for 15 years, with presence in over 120 countries. It’s listed on NASDAQ, is ISO27001 compliant, and issues SSAE 16 compliance reports (to satisfy the nerdiest auditors looking for it!). All this information helps build confidence in Blackline as a lasting company and product, that will continue evolving to support the changing business and IT environment.

BUT…I still need my numbers, what is my ROI “post” implementation? How do I verify the numbers “prove” we’ll get our money’s worth?

Creating a simple ROI calculation doesn’t have to be that daunting. With the right template and tools at your disposal, you could easily create a meaningful presentation. You consider your number of staff personnel, volume of accounts, reconciliations, audit costs, storage costs, paper costs, etc.

Well, there's good news:

We here at Aviva Spectrum, leveraged the simple to understand ROI concept and created this short video to support your computations for ROI implementing BlackLine.



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