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Five Attributes of an Effective ERM Process: Linh Truong

Five Attributes of an Effective ERM Process

Many companies want a successful ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) process, but they don’t always get it right. In this interview, Linh Truong, Director of Internal Audit at Kosmos Energy, provides 5 simple, yet effective ways to do just that.  Having executive support and aligning your ERM program with individual employee goals creates a higher working function. Something of an “elite” team of professionals all working towards one overall purposes. The 5 key attributes are both simple yet hard to achieve day-in and day-out.

An Effective ERM Process Needs to Be:



Allyson Bouldon: How to Align Company Culture with Business Strategies

Ever wonder what the “real” company culture is like after the 1 week hiring honey moon phase is over. Most of us see the best behaviors of new work colleagues during the first week sometimes as long as the first month. But what is the real company culture after this welcoming phase of being hired? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the true company culture in a very short period of time? Here’s what I gathered from Chiquita’s Allyson Bouldon about company culture and the impact to new employees. ..


Anthony Smith: Requesting the Right Information BEFORE the Audit

Why we overlook the obvious?

Requesting information seems to be one of those areas of audit planning that is often overlooked when considering how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an audit. It’s worth spending the extra time to get it right from the very beginning. This will help you build a better relationship with your client and set the right tone for the audit.  The audit team usually doesn’t discover that they are missing information until later in the audit process.  Then they have to go back to the client and ask for additional documents. This oversight annoys most clients because they believe your audit team should have uncovered what was incomplete in the original request list. ..

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