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Leena Roselli: 6 Ways to Reduce Audit Fees

With the rising cost of audit fees, companies need to find ways to cut and minimize audit costs.  This eye opening interview with Leena Roselli, Senior Manager of Research at Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF), we learn ways to reduce audit fees and stay on top of rising audit costs. She covers the top 6 solutions that have proven results in cutting audit fees! Leena shares key findings that have never been produced in past FEI Audit Fee studies which now is more comprehensive than before, which includes over 7,000 public companies.

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Listen to Entire Leena Roselli Interview to Uncover Ways to Reduce Audit Fees.
More about Leena Roselli

Leena is the Senior Manager of Research at Financial Executives Research Foundation. Prior to joining Financial Executives Research Foundation, Leena held technical accounting research positions in the pharmaceutical, insurance and retail industries. She has authored over 30 reports which have been mentioned in various publications such as Wall Street Journal, Accounting Today, Compliance week, and various other business publications. Leena holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree from the Saint Peter’s University.

For a copy of the latest report, please contact Leena Roselli at or visit their website at FERF Report.