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Karla Sasser: Can IT & Accounting Get Along?

In this fascinating interview with Karla Sasser, CPA, CIA about her new book, we learn that IT professionals are not required to take business classes.  Even worse, accounting graduates receive very little IT training.  This is largely why it’s so difficult for them to communicate in the workplace.  Purchase her new book, "Friggin' Bean Counters: Navigating the BS infested cubicles of the Accounting department".

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About Karla Sasser

Karla Sasser is an accomplished Internal Auditor, CPA, CIA and new Author with more than 20 years’ experience in Information Technology and Accounting. Her areas of expertise include Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, corporate governance, enterprise risk services and IT auditing. Karla has a Bachelor’s
in Business Administration and a Master’s in Information Technology.