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Aviva Spectrum BlackLine System Admin Live Event Overview

At Aviva Spectrum's August 30th BlackLine Live Event, we took a deeper dive into the three Admin roles of BlackLine. We answered the question: How do you make the most of some abilities and best practices of these roles to have an optimized and customized BlackLine environment at your company? We all would agree change is inevitable, but the knowledge of what to change and why empowers you- the admin. This session not only answered questions about role based administrations and some new features introduced by BlackLine, but also provided a must have task list for administrators to follow through for standardizing routine activities, use of BL reports to analyze the trends and performance to optimize your user activity, and improve your accounting teams efficiency. All of this comes together to give you a much smoother accounting close.


Top 5 BlackLine System Admin Tips

1. Lead ongoing data feed automation

2. Promote auto-certification rule usage

3. Encourage custom account reconciliation certification frequencies

4. Develop a consistent new user on-boarding process

5. Routinely check for BlackLine updates


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