Compliance Made Simple™

5 Phased Approach

As a BlackLine implementation consultant, Aviva Spectrum can evaluate your existing financial statement close process and create a modern continuous accounting function. Our proven five step methodology includes:

  • Phase 1: Review and document your existing financial close process
  • Phase 2: Identify areas where BlackLine will automate your close activities
  • Phase 3: Validate findings and continuous accounting road-map
  • Phase 4: Create and execute your BlackLine instance
  • Phase 5: Debrief, review ROI post-implementation and continuous improvements action items


This 5 Phased approach makes Aviva Spectrum the best BlackLine implementation consultants on the West Coast.



How Long Does it Take to Implement BlackLine?

Ready to move forward with your BlackLine implementation consultant and curious about how long it will take to implement? Typical implementations of two modules will take between 2-3 months usually depending on these key factors:

  • Customers availability of it's financial and IT internal resources
  • Quantity of ERP packages and data sources
  • Number of BlackLine modules purchased


How Do I Calculate My ROI with BlackLine?

We’ve created a simple to understand ROI template, this short video explains the importance of understanding direct labor costs to ensure a FAST BlackLine ROI post-implementation with your BlackLine implementation consultant.




How to Select a BlackLine Implementation Consultant?

Five questions you MUST ask before hiring a BlackLine Implementation Consultant. How to know what services you're really getting from an implementation consultant.


Which BlackLine Products or Module Should I Buy First?

Ever wonder how many products BlackLine has? Which BlackLine products to buy first out of ALL OF THEM? What questions should I ask before I purchase these products? This video covers the best questions to ask before you buy BlackLine and select a BlackLine implementation consultant.