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ROI Implementing BlackLine

If you landed on this page you are likely an Accountant, Controller or CFO and are familiar with BlackLine BUT don’t know if it’s worth the time and money. After all, accountants are very numbers driven, and we like to know with certainty there’s a positive ROI. But wait! What’s the BEST WAY to calculate BlackLine’s ROI?

NGLCC - Supplier in the Spotlight

Audits are rarely glamorous, but having a good internal auditing firm on your side can streamline your business and make your company more cost-efficient. Aviva Spectrum was founded on the principle of delivering the best experience to its clients, while still adding value to their financial process. NGLCC sat down with Sonia Luna to ask her a few questions about starting her certified LGBTBE, Aviva Spectrum, and a few tips for LGBT entrepreneurs looking to improve their companies.

Aviva Spectum in the Spotlight


Aviva Spectrum BlackLine System Admin Live Event Overview

At Aviva Spectrum's August 30th BlackLine Live Event, we took a deeper dive into the three Admin roles of BlackLine. We answered the question: How do you make the most of some abilities and best practices of these roles to have an optimized and customized BlackLine environment at your company? We all would agree change is inevitable, but the knowledge of what to change and why empowers you- the admin. This session not only answered questions about role based administrations and some new features introduced by BlackLine, but also provided a must have task list for administrators to follow through for standardizing routine activities, use of BL reports to analyze the trends and performance to optimize your user activity, and improve your accounting teams efficiency. All of this comes together to give you a much smoother accounting close.

Tackling Growth: Real Stories of Success

In this Interview with CFO of Zendesk, Elena Gomez, we focus on growth organizations. We cover some key concepts, including strategies for top employee retention, dealing with in-flux operations, a shift in the accounting function, and advice for growth situations. We will also tackle how to hire the best BlackLine Implementation Consultants. ..

Top 3 Skills ROBOTS CAN'T take away from CFOs!

By now you’ve heard me and probably others talk about Financial Transformation and Continuous Accounting. My interview with financial transformation expert, Gayle Edwards, Managing Director of Professional Accounting Solutions (PAS) discusses the top three skills CFOs execute to transform their accounting departments from loss leaders to strategic advisors. These are the same skills that can't be run by pure software or artificial intelligence which has been written and talked about because of a recent MIT and Boston University study. This study concluded "1 Robot Eliminates 5.6 workers". Here are the three executive skills robots CAN'T Take AWAY!  ..

Calculating the Best Lending Fit for You

Financing in the U.S. is undergoing an evolution that you will want to be prepared for. Whether your organization is looking to finance or refinance, or if you’re a lender or compliance professional who wants to make a better impact when advising clients, there is always ways to improve. In this compelling Compliance Expert Radio Show, Sonia Luna interviews the President of QuickFee, Kyle Redding. Learn the most important tips on how to advise CEOs on the upcoming lending compliance changes and finding the best fit for you.

What we are Going to See in the Next 6-12 Months and Beyond


Which BlackLine Product to Buy First?

Once you have decided to invest in BlackLine, the next item to consider is what modules or product suites you’ll need to invest and implement first. Your decision to purchase which products is best when you engage key stakeholders on what they believe would yield the best benefits to the organization first.  ..

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