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Most would agree that recruiting and retaining top talent in ANY industry is important to the growth of a business.  My interview with Sandra Alamo, Director of Internal Audit for Clean Energy, hits home with five key strategies to attracting and retaining top internal audit talent. Here’s my top 5 HIT list:

I.    It’s about the work dummy!

“Interesting work weighs more than just compensation”

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Is there a secret society of new and existing board members? I’ve often wonder if there’s some secret “list” out there and who the heck is controlling that list. As I continue to ponder on this, I wonder “Why is getting on a Board such a mystery?”

Some of my former audit partners I worked with at Ernst & Young are still searching for that right board position and when I ask “How does someone get on a Public Company Board?” I usually get different responses, ranging from “It’s who you know” to “luck!”

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Jay Qatato: Auditor or Advisor?

Be an Advisor, Not Just an Auditor

Stay Competitive-In today’s business environment, to stay competitive, auditors need to do more than just audit, they need to be advisors, according to Jay Qatato.  In order to add value, to the business, auditors need to elevate their competency beyond “ticking and tying.” They need to stop being complacent. 

Be Involved in the Organization-Volunteer, attend meetings and be seen as more than an auditor.  If you do not get involved to that extent, you will only be perceived as an auditor and not an advisor.