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Most would agree that recruiting and retaining top talent in ANY industry is important to the growth of a business.  My interview with Sandra Alamo, Director of Internal Audit for Clean Energy, hits home with five key strategies to attracting and retaining top internal audit talent. Here’s my top 5 HIT list:

I.    It’s about the work dummy!

“Interesting work weighs more than just compensation”

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Is there a secret society of new and existing board members? I’ve often wonder if there’s some secret “list” out there and who the heck is controlling that list. As I continue to ponder on this, I wonder “Why is getting on a Board such a mystery?”

Some of my former audit partners I worked with at Ernst & Young are still searching for that right board position and when I ask “How does someone get on a Public Company Board?” I usually get different responses, ranging from “It’s who you know” to “luck!”