Compliance Made Simple™

5 Phased Approach

Aviva Spectrum can evaluate your existing financial statement close process and create a modern continuous accounting function. Our proven five step methodology includes:

  • Phase 1: Review and document your existing financial close process
  • Phase 2: Identify areas where BlackLine will automate your close activities
  • Phase 3: Validate findings and continuous accounting road-map
  • Phase 4: Create and execute your BlackLine instance
  • Phase 5: Debrief, review ROI post-implementation and continuous improvements action items




How Long Does it Take to Implement BlackLine?

Typical implementations of two modules will take between 2-3 months usually depending on these key factors:

  • Customers availability of it's financial and IT internal resources
  • Quantity of ERP packages and data sources
  • Number of BlackLine modules purchased


How Do I Calculate My ROI with BlackLine?

We’ve created a simple to understand ROI template, this short video explains the importance of understanding direct labor costs to ensure a FAST BlackLine ROI post-implementation.




How to Select a BlackLine Implementation Partner?

Five questions you MUST ask before hiring a BlackLine Implementation Partner. How to know what services you're really getting from an implementation partner.


Which BlackLine Products or Module Should I Buy First?

Ever wonder how many products BlackLine has? Which BlackLine products to buy first out of ALL OF THEM? What questions should I ask before I purchase these products? This video covers the best questions to ask before you buy BlackLine.